New Definitions: SFDanceworks Season Six

By Rachel Howard
July 5, 2023
Fjord Review

The 2022 Recap: 10 Posts and Projects on the Blog and Beyond

By Jill Randall
December 31, 2022
Life as a Modern Dancer

In Full Sunlight: Jennifer Perfilio Movement Works in “Small Dances”

By Jill Randall
September 25, 2022
Life as a Modern Dancer

Thoughts on “Four by Four”

By Heather Desaulniers
June 11, 2022

In “Four by Four” The Process Is Transparent

By Kathryn Florez
June 1, 2022
ODC Dance Stories

“Four by Four” by Emily Hansel: Reflections on Product as Process

By Molly Rose-Williams
June 7, 2022
Life as a Modern Dancer

Former faculty member’s dance company weaves movement with spoken word

By Sofia Gonzalez-Rodriguez
April 5, 2021
The Stanford Daily

Modern Dance Fan Club: RAWdance’s CONCEPT series: 28

By Jill Randall
April 5, 2022
Life as a Modern Dancer

Post:ballet and The Living Earth Show – Lyra – San Francisco

By Heather Desaulniers
October 26, 2021

Tabled: Labor and a Living Wage

Transcription of a panel discussion featuring San Francisco-based dance artist Emily Hansel, New York City-based storyteller and photographer Steven Jones, and Connecticut-based artist and arts administrator Malakhi Eason (also known as Dr. Kreative).
June 1, 2021
Stance on Dance

Post:ballet unveils new ‘Swan Lake’ production full of Bay Area views

Rachel Howard
March 23, 2021
San Francisco Chronicle

Post:ballet in “Waltz of the Snowflakes”

December 17, 2020
Dance Magazine

Signals from the West: Self and System

By Hope Mohr
October 24, 2019
Open Space / SFMOMA

Review: ‘Overweight Black Man Phoenix’ an emphatic piece of dance

By Steven Winn
June 15, 2019
San Francisco Chronicle

Anata Project takes on motherhood in ‘Big Salt’ at Joe Goode Annex

By Claudia Bauer
June 4, 2019
San Francisco Chronicle