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Directed, choreographed, and performed by Emily Hansel

PHANTOM was developed during a residency at SAFEhouse Arts and premiered at SAFEhouse in January, 2019.

Vertical Words


Choreographed by Emily Hansel
Performed by Emily Hansel, Moses Kaplan, and Chelsea Reichert

Vertical Words was presented at CounterPulse in January, 2018. An abridged version was performed at LEVYsalon in April, 2018.

Vertical Words, performed at LEVYsalon



Choreographed by Emily Hansel
Performed by Rachel Berryman, Malia Byrne, Katie House, and Nick Wagner

Scale was presented by the Young Choreographers' Forum SF at the Joe Goode Annex in March, 2017.



Choreographed and performed by Emily Hansel
Computer program by Michael Fix

untitled_37.txt premiered on April 27, 2016 at the University of South Florida. This piece was the fruit of Emily’s Honors Thesis for the Honors College at USF. untitled_37.txt was the culmination of over a year’s worth of research on the subjectivity of language.

No Reason


Choreographed by Emily Hansel for five dancers
Music by Ratatat
Originally performed by Natalie Bohin, Katie Kulasa, Raven Moore, Brent Townend, and Demetrius Tucker

No Reason premiered at the University of South Florida’s Theatre One in December 2015. It was later selected to be presented at the 2016 Southeast ACDA Conference, where it received rave reviews from the adjudicators for its originality as a “sophisticated fusion of dance theater, improvisation, and contemporary movement.”

No Reason

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Choreographed, performed, and directed by Emily Hansel.

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Choreographed and performed by Emily Hansel and Jessica Zizzo.
Music by ltlp, additional audio from Patrick McCarty.

Insatiable was created in 2015 at the University of South Florida.




Choreographed by Emily Hansel.
Performed by Hannah Luckow, Alyssa Marchand, Robert Kelley, Hannah Mainellis, Monica Moneses, Cloe Leppard, and Dayne Davis.
Music by Philip Glass and Yo-Yo Ma.


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