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Artist Statement

"I respect art that challenges. I appreciate choreographers who challenge their dancers, peers, and audiences. I work to challenge myself and to challenge existing paradigms – both within and beyond dance. I admire people who can change my mind and enjoy having my mind changed.

I am interested in witnessing – and participating in – sincerity and honesty onstage. I admire dancers who can simply be and do during performance rather than those who simulate or put on anything artificial. I push myself and my dancers to genuinely experience emotions and sensations in both performance and practice.

As a choreographer, I am interested in turning the stage into a world in which dancers can exist. I value diversity and individuality among a group of performers. I am drawn to artists with distinctive voices and I respect my dancers as individuals with their own wealth of experiences. Accordingly, I value unison of intent among a group of performers more than I value perfect physical unison.

I strive to interact with audiences through my work. However, I often find it difficult to communicate ideas about my choreography via spoken or written language. Dance is capable of expressing different things than language is, and I do not want to impose the confines of words upon dance, nor vice versa."

— Emily Hansel

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